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Isn’t it funny how many dishwashers aren’t that great at washing your dishes? How often do you find yourself scraping food off clean dishes or spending 20 minutes drying everything after a cycle? It’s frustrating when your dishwasher doesn’t do its job—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cove dishwashers give new meaning to the words “clean” and “quiet”. They ensure you open your dishwasher after every load to find spotless and dry dishes every time. Bay Area Kitchens is happy to provide Greater Houston homeowners with Cove dishwashers that make cleanup a breeze.

Luxury Dishwashers in Greater Houston

Every meal should begin on a sparkling clean plate with immaculate silverware at its side and a shining glass to drink from. With a luxury Cove dishwasher, that won’t be a problem. Dirty dishes don’t stand a chance against Cove’s carefully engineered design. These dishwashers have flexible interiors and run almost silently, so once you fill them up you can move right on to dessert without giving your dishes a second thought.

When we design your new kitchen, Bay Area Kitchens will help you choose or design the right Cove dishwasher to integrate into your space. The exteriors of our Cove appliances are customizable. Whether you want a stainless steel or a custom cabinetry door, everything from style to finish will be tailored to your kitchen space and your lifestyle. The possibilities are endless with luxury kitchen appliances like Cove dishwashers.

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