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It All Begins With Great Design

Kitchen Design Services

Our truly exceptional kitchens are a symphony of great design elements, the highest quality custom cabinetry, the finest gourmet appliances, gorgeous countertops and other surfaces, cleverly concealed power outlets, innovative lighting systems, stylish and highly functional sinks, faucets and other fixtures, all meticulously orchestrated into a harmonious “living kitchen” that you and your family will enjoy for generations to come.

 A truly exceptional kitchen starts with a truly exceptional design.   We start by understanding our client’s tastes, their needs, and how they plan to use the space.  We measure and analyze the available space, its current limitations, and its potential.  Then we develop a design that best utilizes the space, and meets the needs and desires of our client.

High-end Custom Cabinetry

Wood-Mode™ custom cabinetry is not only beautiful, but is optimized to provide the most efficient and innovative storage as possible.  Not just pretty, empty carcasses to hold up the countertops in an ordinary kitchen, but unique and efficient storage systems that make meal preparation and other tasks not just efficient, but a true source of satisfaction and pleasure.

For example, our lower cabinets are easily accessible by utilizing drawers and other innovative storage systems.  And not just drawers, but drawers with dividers, racks and other clever accessories that organize cookware, utensils, cookie sheets & trays, spices and more.  Truly innovative Lazy-Susans and other corner storage systems that make use of otherwise dead space.  Tall pantry cabinets with roll-out shelves or clever racks that far out-perform most walk-in pantries.  Upper cabinets have adjustable shelves, spice racks and other useful storage features.  All well beyond anything found in ordinary cabinets.

Gourmet Appliances

Gourmet appliances outperform ordinary appliances, making meal preparation a truly pleasurable experience.  Sub-Zero refrigerators are far superior to your typical “ice box”.  Sub-Zero utilizes space-age technology in their food preservation systems that condition and purify the air inside them so your food lasts longer and stays fresher than in ordinary refrigerators.  Wolf cooking appliances offer the very latest in food preparation – from exclusive dual-stacked burners on their gas cooktops, powerful state-of-the-art induction cooking, cutting edge convection cooking, steam cooking, speed cooking, and microwave cooking, to built-in coffee systems, vacuum preservation drawers and ventilation systems.

We also offer a variety of Culligan water filtration systems so you’ll have the purest water available, while reducing landfill waste and eliminating heavy and bulky water bottles.

With an almost endless selection of countertops, sinks, faucets and other systems and materials, we can bring your dream kitchen to life.

All these components work together to enable you to prepare, enjoy and preserve everything from gourmet culinary events to warm & cozy comfort food, all while creating memories for years to come.

If you like the finer things in life, and want a truly exceptional kitchen that is not only beautiful, but that will enrich your lifestyle – where meal preparation is not just a chore, but a pleasure.  Where family and others will want to join in on the fun – where food preparation and preservation are a priority, Bay Area Kitchens is your only choice.

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