How to Choose the Best Tile Backsplash for You

Your kitchen backsplashes provide an excellent opportunity for you to personalize your kitchen. Although there are the standard required elements including appliances and cabinets that make up the functionality of your kitchen, your backsplash is an area where you can be creative and reveal your own personality. But what to do?

Picking Your Tile Backsplash Colortile backsplash in luxury kitchen above countertop

If you’re having a hard time deciding what kind of tile you want or what color, “wear” them for a little while. Tape them up to the area that they will be in and see if one speaks to you more than the others. See how they look throughout the day- in natural light or not. How do they compare to your countertop and the lighting in your kitchen?

One popular trend is to make the backsplash a certain color and use accents throughout the kitchen to tie the color in. Also, having a pattern of colors gives it a more textured look. Some of the more popular colors include white, ivory, yellow, red, green, blue and gray.

Consider High Impact Zones in Your Kitchen

Certain areas of your kitchen will receive more visual attention than others, such as the area above your sink and above your stove. You might enjoy highlighting these areas and have the rest be a neutral color.

Play with the pattern! Some fun options include stacking them like bricks, tiling them diagonally, or using different types of tiles within the same space.

Metal Panels are another practical idea. They also come in a variety of finishes that won’t kill your wallet. They are a little harder to keep clean, but they are extremely durable.

Keep in Mind When Picking Out Tile

  • Remember to ask about the trim pieces, which can be different based on the type of tile you use.
  • Make sure that the style you want is in stock. You don’t want to make decisions based on tile and find out that the kind you wanted is no longer available.
  • Ask about wear and tear. How do you clean the tile, and how do you seal it? The extra step is generally needed for natural tiles in order to keep its appearance. Any material can be used, but with porous materials you want to make sure they are sealed.
  • Talk to your supplier to see if there are eco-friendly options if you are interested in going green or incorporating this element into your kitchen.

When you are a client of Bay Area Kitchens, we can help you pick out the perfect tile backsplash for your luxury kitchen. Contact us today to learn more.