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Ceilings: Bring Your Kitchen to New Heights!

Having high ceilings in your home does a lot for the space- it can make it feel larger, give it a grander feel, and even gives you a whole new avenue of decorating. What can it do for you in the kitchen?

The first thing that it does for your kitchen is gives you opportunities to decorate in ways that you normally couldn’t. Having dark colors can make the room seem small if there are low ceilings, but this effect will not be as great if you use darker colors in a room with high ceilings.

Also, the possibility for more storage opens up when there is more room for cupboards and hutches. You would have more room to store things above the fridge, which helps keeps appliances and food off of the counters.

Having higher ceilings will also mean that you will have more wall space to work with. Consider having a wall that is primarily windows, letting in a lot of natural light. This will give the room a cleaner feel.  Having skylights in your ceiling would only maximize this effect!

When it comes to the lighting in your kitchens, trying to have chandeliers above the table can feel very cramped. However, if you had higher ceilings you would have the option to keep the lighting fixture higher, while still enjoying the beauty and the ways it complements the rest of the kitchen.

Who doesn’t love beams? These can add a lot of character to a kitchen, but can sometimes be a little too much in low ceilings. Indulge yourself in the beauty of quality beams with your high ceiling kitchen!

How to Make the Most of your Kitchen Decor

One of the most influential rooms in your home in terms of showcasing personal style is the kitchen. This room in particular is more than just the space where meals are prepared, it’s a gathering spot among family and friends and place where you can unwind and dive into a delicious meal.

As one of the most difficult rooms in a home to decorate and keep functionality, the kitchen deserves a lot of thought and consideration when determining how best to maximize and utilize the space. Some people choose the more eclectic styles while others prefer the laid-back approach to design. Regardless of which path you choose, you’ll want to make sure the decor works for you and your lifestyle.

Here are a few tips to help fuel your inspiration and creativity for the ultimate kitchen decor.

Accents are just what they are. You don’t have to over stimulate your kitchen with knickknacks. If you love a particular theme or era of time, choose a few items to adorn counter tops and tables. Try to refrain from covering every single space.

If you’re going for a sleek and modern approach, black and white hits the mark. These two colors have quite the history. Together they make a room appear larger, asymmetrical and yes, like the 50′s era, which is becoming a very popular trend once again.

Neutral colors are great for keeping things simple, but don’t forget to add pops of bright colors. So as not to overdue with brightness, choose to reupholster chair covers or table runners and seating place mats with orange, lime green, turquoise, peach or canary yellow.

Antique lighting can compliment any decor style. You don’t have to necessarily coordinate the entire kitchen in the same theme; you can spice things up a bit by adding unique antique light fixtures either from the ceiling or as in lamp form for the counter top or table.

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