Why We Choose Wood-Mode

Why We Choose Wood-Mode

Kitchens are our business, and we take our business seriously. From the first tile to the last drawer pull, we strive to produce kitchens of uncommon quality.

Our friends at Wood-Mode apply this same principle of excellence to their cabinet making, so it should come as no surprise that we would want to work alongside these fine craftsmen to produce the very best products for our clients.

Since their humble beginnings in a lumber mill in Pennsylvania in the 1940’s, the folks at Wood-Mode have honed their trade and produced beautiful examples of American craftsmanship for generations of homeowners.

Today, they may have grown into bigger and better facilities, but they never forget their roots. Many phases of the construction process – from lumber selection to assembly to sanding and finishing – are still completed at the hands of master carpenters. Over the course of their 70 year history, they’ve remained committed to supporting the local economy by using only American made materials and labor.Wood-Mode Cabinetry

But just because they stay true to their heritage doesn’t mean they haven’t kept pace with a changing industry. Wood-Mode recognizes the importance of employing an environmentally sustainable production model so that future generations can continue to enjoy their exceptional cabinetry.

Wood-Mode consistently upholds rigorous standards that have earned them a certification in the Environmental Stewardship Program of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. Environmentally friendly materials are used whenever possible. Their lumber suppliers are selected based on their commitment to adhering to sustainable logging practices.

Between the remarkable quality of their products and their ethically sound business model, we had any easy time choosing Wood-Mode as the exclusive supplier of cabinets to Bay Area Kitchens.

Want to learn more about the Wood-Mode cabinets we’ve installed in kitchens all over Texas? Call today for more information!

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